Mairéad is a truly accomplished musician and singer. Her refined style of playing the fiddle gives a unique sound to the repertoire. She is a natural and talented singer with a voice that has the power to connect one with the depth of Irish traditional song. Go and see her, you will be blown away…


Mairéad’s voice is like warm sunshine on a cold winter’s morning. When she sings I am always moved emotionally to the point of getting goosebumps! She really transmits the meaning of the songs through her use of ornamentation and expression. It is just a beautiful experience to have.


Mairéad’s heartfelt approach to each song is evident in her expressive use of phrasing and her exemplary choice of repertoire suits her beautiful voice so well. She has power and richness in tone which is never over-used and is full of nuance and subtlety. Mairéad has a way of making you hear a song you have heard a hundred times before in a completely new and exciting way.

Mairéad is not only a great singer, but an outstanding fiddle player with a wonderful, lively and effortless style. Each gift lends itself to the other so readily. Her musicality shines through her singing and her fiddle playing, which are both superb and leave listeners wanting much more.


Mairéad has a lovely tone to her voice reminiscent of Mary Black and at times Imelda May. Her touch on the fiddle is sweet and melodious which makes it also truly sing! 

– Brian